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Managing content


The content of the events channel will be shown on the events page (found under Main Pages). To add a new event: click + New entry.
Info about an event is grouped into 4 tabs:

Event card

When viewing the events page on the website, all events are presented as a card with basic info on it. This tab groups all information needed to create that card.

  • Title (required): The name of the event.
  • Available in regions (required): The event will only be visible in the regions selected here.
  • Restrict visibility to: The event will only be visible to users with these permissions. If none are selected, the event will be visible to everyone.
  • Belongs to Robotics: Toggle this on if the event is about the Robotics division. Doing this will add the event automatically to the Robotics page.
  • Start date (required)
  • End date (required): For a one day event just enter the same date as the start date.
  • Location (required): The location where the event will take place. The best way to add an address is to add part of the info, click Search Addresses (or Drag Pin) and select or pin the correct address provided to you by Google Maps. This will automatically fill out the long/lat coordinates needed for travel directions and locating the event location on Google maps. If any part of the address isn't found by Google (such as a specific building code) you can add this manually after Google has filled out the complete address.
  • Description: A short description about or company organizing the event.
  • Thumbnail: A thumbnail image (probably the event logo or logo of the company organizing the event).
  • Thumbnail is a logo? When this toggle is off, the thumbnail will cover the complete width and height of its available space. If on, the thumbnail image is shown on a white background with some padding around. This is best used when displaying logo's (preferably logo's on a white or transparent background).

Event information

This tab allows you to enter more detailed information which can also be altered or completed when the event has ended. For an event to come, you can add the day's schedule for example. For a past event, you could add a summary of what happened that day.

Photos and videos from past event

The title says it all. Add assets through the image field or videos through the videos field.

Videos need to be uploaded to the BouMatic Vimeo account first. This account is linked to the CMS so you can only select videos from that specific account. Videos need to be public or private with the and domains whitelisted.

Just click Browse videos... and a pop-up will open showing all videos available on the BouMatic Vimeo account. You can also copy/paste the Vimeo video URL in the input field.


SEO information can be added here.