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Managing content


The content of the dealers channel will be shown on the dealers page (found under Main Pages). To add a new dealer: click + New entry and fill out these fields:

  • Company name (required)
  • Reseller of (required): You can select multiple options.
  • Location (required): The street address for the dealer. The best way to add an address is to add part of the info, click Search Addresses (or Drag Pin) and select or pin the correct address provided to you by Google Maps. This will automatically fill out the long/lat coordinates needed for travel directions and locating the dealership on Google maps. If any part of the address isn't found by Google (such as a specific building code) you can add this manually after Google has filled out the complete address.
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Dealer Email 1
  • Dealer Email 2
  • Dealer website