Client Guide

BouMatic B·U·T
Managing content

Add a new entry

When you click on content in the Main Sidebar, you will be taken to the content area. By default it shows all entries from all sections.

On the left you have all the different sections listed that your user account has permission to edit. These consist of:

  • Main Pages
  • Dealers
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • News
  • Promotions
  • My Boumatic
  • Products

The Main Pages are all single pages on the website. The most important ones are:

  • Home
  • About BouMatic
  • About Robotics
  • Contact
  • Technical Library

In the next few chapters, we'll learn what content they contain and how to manage them.

General knowledge for adding an entry

When adding an entry, the basic steps are always the same. To add an entry click the + New entry button and select a section from the drop down (when you're already on a particular section page, you will immediately add an entry to that section without having to make a selection first).

On an entry page there are 6 important parts you should be aware of:

1. Tabs

All fields needed to populate an entry are grouped in tabs according to there usage on the website. Tabs are also ordered from left to right in such a way that it is easiest to add an entry.

2. Entry fields

Use these fields to add the correct information to the entry. Fields marked by a language code (eg. "EN") are translatable. Fields marked with a red * are required. An entry will not save if there are required fields left empty!

3. Translations

When a section is marked as translatable, all available languages for that section will be listed to the right of the entry. To add a translation, save the current language and click the new language you want to add.
The green toggle next to the language name shows that this entry is visible on the website in this language. If you turn this off, the entry will not be visible anymore on the website for that language.

4. Entry settings

There are some extra entry settings you can change:

  • Slug: This will be automatically filled out for you and you do not need to change this.
  • Author: This is the user who originally added the entry.
  • Post date: This will be automatically filled out for you. If you set this to a new date in the future, the entry will only become visible from that day forward.
  • Expiry date: If you set an expiry date, the entry will be disabled on that day and not be visible on the website anymore.
  • Enabled: When this toggle is set to off, the entry will not be visible on the website. This can come in handy to add content that is not yet ready for publishing.

5. Live preview

When you click this button, you will see a live preview of the page on the website. Depending on the size of your screen and the size of your browser, you will see the mobile or desktop version of the website.

In this view, all fields will be visible on the left (but they will not be grouped into tabs anymore) and the preview of how it will look on the website will be on the right. When editing the fields, you will see your changes being added live in the preview window. At this point these changes are not visible to anyone else but you!

6. Save

Clicking the save button saves your entry to the database and brings you back to the entries overview. Click on the arrow next to it to get more options.

File size and type on upload

When adding files, please mind that there is a 33 MB file size maximum allowed.
For images, TIFF files are not compatible with the CMS. Please convert to JPG, PNG or another regular file format.