Client Guide

BouMatic B·U·T
Getting started

Control Panel (CP)

The control panel (referred to as CP from here on) has 4 main sections:

Control Panel (CP)
Control Panel (CP)

1. Site access

Click on the site name here to go back to the public facing website. This won’t log you out.

2. Main Sidebar

This is how you navigate to the different areas of the CMS.
The sidebar remains the same regardless of where you are in the CMS - but different users may have different options here.

3. User profile

Here you can go to your profile page or log out.

4. Content view

Here you will see the content of the area you navigate to by using the Main Sidebar. By default, the CP opens on the dashboard view where you will see a selection of "widgets" that give you some quick info gathered from different area's of the website.

Before we can dive into learning how to maintain your website, we need to explain some terminology we'll be using in this user guide. Go and read it here!