Client Guide

BouMatic B·U·T

Adding product categories

There is only one category group: Product Categories. Every region in the website (eg. US and Europe) has their own category structure. The region is always the top level category, the tree underneath is than split up in Products and Maintenance and service. The children underneath those are the main product groups (eg. Stalls) and sub product categories (eg. Rotaries).

This structure needs to be upheld for all regions!

A category, just like an entry, has its own page under "products" and has the following fields:

  • Title: The name of the category as will be visible on the website.
  • Category description: A short description for the category.
  • Product category icon: This is only required for main product categories and can be left empty for all others. If no icon is selected, the BouMatic logo icon is shown by default.
  • Hero images: Here you can add background images for the header of the page. If none are selected, we use a random image from the global Hero fallback images. If multiple images are added, we use a random image from that selection.