Client Guide

BouMatic B·U·T

Asset manager

The assets manager allows you to upload files directly to the server without adding an entry. All top level folders are fixed and most of them are filled or created automatically when adding assets while adding new entries. For example, all files (except for MyBouMatic Extras) related to a product will be uploaded in the Visuals folder in a auto-created subfolder named after the slug of the product.

Files related to My BouMatic Extras are only available from the File archive folder. Users belonging to the user group BouMatic Archivists only have access to that folder and nothing else. This allows these users to prepare all files in a folder structure of their choice, so content publishers can immediatly select the correct files to add to a product, without needing top upload themselves. The folder structure can be set-up by BouMatic following company guidelines.

Please be aware: deleting files that are linked to an entry from these folders will unlink that file from the entry or make it unavailable!