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  • Reproduction management tools
    • Save time
    • Increase the pregnancy rate
    • Cut down hormone use
    • Reduce calving intervals
  • Extensible
    • Depending on the configuration of the buildings and pastures, you can add multiple antennas on the same base
    • One antenna can detect signals up to 500m in ideal conditions
  • Software links
    • With HerdMetrix, you can centralise all your cow data such as heat, milk production, treatments, supply of concentrates and much more
    • HerdMetrix also allows you to analyse the data in technical-economic dashboards
  • Connected
    • App viewable on tablet, smartphone and PC
  • Advanced herd management

    Use with HerdMetrix™ to provide you flexibility in thereporting to tune it to your own management style.

  • Accessible

    NEW BouMatic HerdMetrix™ phone app makes data accessible anywhere,anytime.