• Three functions in one modular system

    Post-dipping, cluster disinfection and rinsing (backflush). Each function can be managed independently and activated or not in line with your needs.

  • Comprehensive system, integrated with the famous Flo-Star MAX milking claw

    You benefit from the high milking performance of the Flo-Star MAX claw, and all the BouMatic milking liners while also automating dipping and disinfection.

  • Post-dipping in the right place

    The postdipping product is automatically applied directly under the teat, from the claw via a tube located on the inner wall of the liner. It is applied with a foaming effect.

  • Time-saving

    With the e-DIP you group together within the same equipment tedious and repetitive tasks that are essential to secure the highest milk quality.

  • Money-saving

    Only the exact amount of required dipping product is applied, avoiding waste and keeping product consumption and costs under control

  • Wide selection of dipping products

    from the BouMatic range such as BlueMAX Premium (chlorine dioxide), HexiSpray (chlorhexidine) or one of the UdderDip and UdderStar Spray products.