Maximize your parlour performance

Combining the best of parallel, herringbone and tandem designs, this platform provides the most relaxed milking and quickest entrance and exit traffic. Premium comfort and safety for the cows as well as for the milker is combined with system efficiency to ensure the highest quality of the end product.

The system can milk 50 to 400 cows and the platform is available with 16 to 40 stalls, reducing milking time and operator labour costs. From 80 to 200 cows per hour, you can reach exceptional operator performance. Xpedia 360IX maximizes your parlour performance.

“ Xpedia 360IX - Internal Rotary Milking - English ”

Advantages at a glance

  • Easy Milking, good overview

    Enhanced comfort for cows and operators through design. A good overall view of all the cows allows you to do fertility and health controls during milking if required.

  • Easy Cow Flow

    Special Attention has been given to the entrance and exit design, creating a calm atmosphere in your milking parlour. The cow’s entry onto the platform is easy and safe. The door’s adjustable curved shape and overall design prevents injury or discomfort. Exiting is equally stress-free and safe. Since the animals are positioned in a 60° position, facing the exit, they leave the platform in a smooth, natural movement, allowing the work flow to continue without interruptions.

  • Ultimate Udder Access

    Through the zigzag curbing design, operators have the best access to the udder for rear or side milking. The slight inclination of the concrete floor encourages the cow to stand close to the milker in an open stance, offering the ultimate udder access.

  • Flexible, ready for growth

    The only platform where up to four milking points can be added as you grow your herd. To expand your production, all it takes is one more turn and 10 to 15 minutes of extra work. No additional investments are necessary. 4 access points provide an exclusive secure passage outside the platform avoiding expensive investments in a tunnel construction. Capacity can be further increased by converting the patented access points into extra milking stalls.

  • Reduce milking times and operator labor costs

    The system can milk from 50 to 800 cows and the platform is available with 16 to 40 stalls. From 80 to 200 cows per hour, you can reach exceptional operator performance.

  • Durable and reliable design

    The Xpedia 360IX is a reliable, maintenance-free milking system designed to last. A large steel I-beam girder supports a steal substructure that carries a reinforced concrete deck approximately 13 centimetres thick. The platform rides on precision machine steel rollers, each of which is designed to support over 11 tons. BouMatic has installed over four hundred rotary systems worldwide in nearly twenty years.

  • In-Parlour Feeding Option Available

    In-parlour feeding is seamlessly integrated with the stall structure. Feed is delivered accurately to the animal in a safe and comfortable environment. Single or individual rations are possible - up to two feeds

  • Smart speed control

    The rotary system slows down by itself when a cow has not yet finished. Cow throughput is optimized.

  • Smart Security System

    The Xpedia 360IX has an automatic stop and reverse device. When a cow delays entering,the system stops, reverses and starts again automatically. The cows always enter under supervision without intervention of the milker.

  • Adapted to your working speed

    You have complete control over your working speed. You can speed up, slow down, stop or reverse at any time.