Simply Superior Parallel Stall with Best-In-Class Cow Comfort and Cow Flow

A simply superior parallel parlour that goes beyond rugged to set the industry standard. The Xcalibur 90LX offers an unrivaled heavy duty design, cow comfort and efficiency.

Quality construction and a bolt-together design means quick installation. No on-site welding of galvanized material, eliminating the potential for corrosion. No sequence gate posts means easy loading and an unobstructed exiting from the stalls.

The power and strength of the 90LX is coupled with an attention to cow comfort that makes it a true BouMatic Xcalibur parlour.


  • Improve Profitability

    Constructed without sequence gates to improve cow traffic and safety - boosting milk production.

  • Fast and safe exiting

    Lift exit system allows cows to walk only one cow length to exit.

  • Cow Comfort 

    Each stall position is enhanced with shoulder bumpers for her well-being, large breeds fit comfortably in the 28-inch stall. Standard or flexible stall spacing is available, customizable to optimize spacing for certain cow breeds.

  • Operator Comfort

    A 10-gauge stainless steel splash panel with extra-large gutter system shields the operator.

  • Saves Time

    Easier and quicker parlour cleanup with no sequence gates to work around.

  • Fast Installation

    Preassembled with a bolt-together approach that results in fast installation and less labour expense.

  • Long-Lasting Finish

    Enrich the appearance of the parlour with integrated stainless steel jetter curbing.