Ultimate internal rotary

The robust and powerful Xcalibur 360IX sets a new standard in internal rotary milking. This platform provides a more relaxed milking experience and faster entry and exit for the cow. It's a very comfortable flow for her. And you can forget about "downtime" as it is designed with the same robust components as the other Xcalibur parlors. The extremely robust electric drive keeps the platform running reliably, milking after milking. The integrated console protects the main milking components and puts them within easy reach of the operator.

Operator comfort is also a key feature with the unique zigzag edge design allowing optimum access to the udder. But one of the main deciding factors for owners is that running an internal rotary parlour saves labor compared to a much larger parallel barn.

Ultimately, this style of parlour can really maximise parlour performance.

BouMatic’s Xcalibur™ 360IX - The Ultimate Internal Rotary

With maximum quality and durability in mind, the Xcalibur 360IX is your long-term investment choice for milking your herd with fewer operators. This top-of-the-line internal rotary parlor proves ideal for farms who milk more hours per day, with fewer staff.

Heavy Duty

BouMatic’s internal rotary is designed to around-the-clock milking built to last the test of time

Herringbone Stall Angle

Designed for easy cow loading, visibility and comfort.

Ultimate Udder Access

Through the zigzag curbing design, operators will have the best access to the udder.

Labor Savings

The management and ease of access of an internal rotary provides a labor savings as compared to a much larger parallel barn.

Integrated Console

Key milking components are within easy reach of the operators and protected.

Tunnel Access to Center

Center area has clean, access via a concrete tunnel. All milking controls and equipment are conveniently housed in the center of the rotary, making this the ultimate solution for farms using fewer staff.


Comfort is delivered for the cows and operators throughout the design

'Best in Class' Undercarriage

The low maintenance Xcalibur series rollers and double I-beam design comprise our industry leading undercarriage design for all Xcalibur rotary parlors. Quality built for the Life of Your Dairy!

Forget "DownTime"

The Xcalibur’s rugged electric drive will keep the platform turning reliably, milking after milking.