The ultimate rugged and powerful external rotary

This is the ultimate in rotary milking systems. Built for continuous, around-the-clock milking, the Xcalibur 360EX is ruggedly built and precision engineered to deliver unrivalled throughput and maximum efficiency for the dairy operation.

It’s drive system, central pivot and swivel, nylon rollers and massive double I-beam drive rail are the roughest and most reliable in the business. A contemporary, robust design and rugged construction give the Xcalibur 360Ex lasting durability and value.

This rotary, available in a basement version from 40 to 80 stalls and non-basement version from 32 and 40 stalls, is ideal for commercial farms with herds from 1200 to 4000 cows.


  • Inviting parlour for the cows, improved cow flow
    • Low profile cabinets, concrete cow friendly deck
    • “V” Shaped entry fence also maximizes use of stalls and eliminates need to stop and slow down platform for slow cows
  • Faster, More Efficient Installation

    Concrete work is made easier with no exposed system supports. This provides a significant reduction in time needed for installation.

  • Improved Operator Efficiencies

    After milking, units detach the milking unit, hose and pulsation tubes descend to rest below the platform - out of the way of exiting and entering cows.

  • Clean and comfortable for the operator
    • The platform has slight slope away from operator to flow water away from operator.
    • The operator stands in a perfectly ergonomic position. He has a clear visibility of the udders and an easy access to the automation displays and rotary controls.
  • Designed for operator safety

    The Xcalibur 360EX comes with offset rear rails on top and bottom. The bottom rail prevents kicks and the top rail provides better positioning for cows. Overall udder accessibility for the operator improves.

  • Smart Speed control

    The operator can easily regulate the platform speed from the display. The adjustable speed gives the operator more time for consistent prep routine. Functions can be controlled automatically or manually.

  • Double I-beam rail system improves performance

    A massive circular double I-beam rail system and nylon rollers support the Xcalibur 360EX platform. Extremely durable nylon rollers require no lubrication. Improves performance through reduced risk of downtime.

  • Integrated System Console

    Each stall has an integrated system console to house automation components and pulsators and provides easy access to CIP jetter cups.

  • Rugged and efficient

    Built for ultimate strength and durability, the Xcalibur 360EX positions cows safely on the platform. Super strong radial arms link the platform to the centre pivot and the system’s smooth operation will be safe and easy on your cows. The Xcalibur 360EX is built for continuous, around-the-clock milking.

  • Efficient security devices

    If a cow is slow and not on the platform, the cow entrance security system stops the rotary in order to prevent any risk of injury and automatically reverses to let the cow finish entering.

  • Available with electric drive for increased redundancy and efficiency

    Electric drives designed for Xcalibur 360EX are energy efficient, durable and reliable:

    • The platform is able to operate even if one motor fails.
    • Low consumption 1.1 kWh drives quietly and reliably spin the platform resulting in low operational costs.
  • High return on investment 

    Through increased cow comfort, operator efficiencies, improved equipment performance, and long-lasting construction, the Xcalibur 360EX provides dairy operators with unrivalled results and return on their investment.

“ Xcalibur 360 EX - External Rotary Parlour ”