Udder Star: Low-drip skin conditioning iodine post dip

Udder Star is a flexible and non-dripping film which has been developed for the protection of teats after milking. Its 5000-ppm iodine-based formulation is especially well-balanced between disinfection and strong cosmetic action.

Udder Star contains more than 13% of premium synergistic emollients for controlling extreme teat chapping conditions. Its pH is non-irritating for teat skin.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.


  • Non-aggressive iodine product

    The controlled pH makes Udder Star non-aggressive for the teats, despite of its 5000-ppm iodine concentration.

  • Flexible protective film

    Udder Star provides a flexible and soft film on the teat.

  • Superior film-forming barrier

    Udder Star closes the sphincter. It helps to prevent the penetration of microorganisms into the teat canal between milkings while being very easily cleaned up at the next milking.

  • Effective protection

    Udder Star provides active disinfection and effective protection of the teat.

  • Low consumption

    Economical to use, covers the teat with an optimal dose owing to its unique formulation (BouMatic recommends the use of the specific BouMatic dip applicator)

  • Non-drip formula

    After application on the teat, Udder Star does not drip.