The StreamWay 90 is a parallel 90° stall fitted with a side exit. Equipped with divider gates fixed to the wall, it allows cows to enter quickly with the assurance of having a milking point for each cow. These gates retract to make it easier for cows to exit the stall.

It is specifically adapted as an addition to existing pens when there are limited milking points on the farm.

Moreover, as an option, you can offer concentrated feeding in the milking parlour.


  • Perfectly comfortable for cows

    Large cattle breeds can settle comfortably in the 74 cm milking point. Low noise level.

  • Comfortable for the milker

    The optimised upper cabinet offers a good overall view and optimal udder access. The milker can position themselves closer to the cow in a perfectly rightward ergonomic position, with no discomfort for the head. Operator panels are also easy to access by hand.

  • Milking parlour feeding

    As an option, a large-sized feeding trough will allow you to easily feed your animals during milking.

  • Quick installation

    The main structure of the stall is fixed on the walls, which will enable you to install it quickly as soon as the concrete has been poured.

  • Weather-resistant

    The StreamWay 90 is made of galvanised steel with stainless steel cabinets.