The automatic milking parlour spraying system

The simple, effortless spraying solution for an effective after-milking routine

Comfortable to use:

SprayMAX distributes and sprays the dip at the right rate, effortlessly. Its ergonomic gun makes it easy to reach the teats. Your work is faster, more comfortable and less repetitive.

Time saving:

No more regular refilling of sprayers! The dip is delivered directly to the gun in the milking parlour. Just pull the trigger and the product is always fresh and ready to use.

Perfect hygiene:

SprayMAX has been specially developed for use with BouMatic hygiene products from the BlueMAX range. SprayMAX preserves the quality of the dip, delivers the right amount of product and ensures a consistent after-milking routine for optimum udder and teat health.

Simple and adaptable:

SprayMAX runs on compressed air and requires no electricity or vacuum. So it can be used in any type of milking parlour. You can install several guns per system, to best suit the size of your installation. SprayMAX uses the same components as DipMAX, so you can alternate between dipping and spraying depending on the season, simply by changing the gun!

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