Providing farmers with the information they need to make the best possible milk.

The system uses two pieces of technology working together: an optical sensor with cutting-edge computer vision and deep-learning algorithms.

In-line optical sensor technology is at the core of our innovative platform. We use light scattering for rapid, on-site determinations of compounds in raw milk. Our monitoring equipment fits into existing milking lines, making it accessible and cost-effective for dairy producers. Our system does not require the use of any chemicals, consumables, or reagents meaning that the milk used to take measurements is unaltered and can be returned to the milking line after measurement. This reduces operational costs and the use of chemicals inside the dairy barn.

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Selective Dry Cow Therapy

Reduce your treatments up to 50% and save on treatment and labor costs. Our sensor data and algorithmic approach will enable judicious use of antimicrobials on your dairy and save you up to $18.50 per cow at dry off.

Detect High-SCC Cows

Instead of testing once a month, SomaDetect checks your cows at every milking, establishing a baseline and trend. Cows trending towards a high somatic cell count can be detected so that you can treat the right cows at the right time. Mastitis costs a dairy $440 per clinical cow in the first 30 days of lactation.

Detect Cows Trending towards Ketosis (coming soon)

SomaDetect is developing an algorithm to detect when a cow or pen of cows are trending towards being ketotic so your herd veterinarian or nutritionist can respond with the right intervention. Clinical ketosis can cost the dairy as much as $290 per cow.

Day 18 Prediction

A day 18 prediction of "Open" cows allows a dairy producer to rebreed their cows sooner than waiting for pregnancy confirmation which may miss up to 2 ovulation cycles. Each day that a cow remains open costs a dairy producer up to $3.00.

Days 30-40 Confirmation

Instead of your veterinarian having to check every cow between 30-40 days post-insemination, the vet can focus on the cows that need the most attention and reduce the stress on pregnant cows being locked up for long periods of time.

Early Embryonic Loss

From pregnancy confirmation up to day 60 or 70 days carried calf is the most frequent time for early embryonic loss. The SomaSensor can detect a potentially open cow for re-check. This will allow the herd to reduce Its days in milk average and reduce the amount of labor spent doing re-checks on the entire group.

Late Day Abortions

Late day abortions that are typically caught prior to dry off tend to lead to an involuntary cull or early cow marketing. The SomaSensor can detect an open candidate for re-check in realtime and give the cow a chance to be rebred. Avoiding involuntary culls can save dairy managers as much as $1,800/cow.