The innovative Rapid Exit Parallel Stall

The SmartWay 90 is a 90° parallel milking parlour with an innovative rapid exit system, offering the combined performance and technology of the rotating exit reel and the vertical lift exit.

The concept of fluent entry, dynamic exit and uncluttered space improves your cow throughput significantly.


  • Improve Cow Throughput

    Large and open exiting space. All divider gates are mounted directly onto the lifting front rail. The animals exit more easily thanks to the exclusive front rail that lifts, tilts and accompanies them. Cow entry is also more fluent owing to the specific design of the dividers.

  • Perfect cow comfort

    For the well-being of the animals, the front rail is equipped with rubber bumpers at the height of the cows’ shoulders. Large breeds fit comfortably in the 29-inch stall. Low noise parlour.

  • Low noise parlour setup

    After milking, the sequence gates come back into position silently due to their weight, without the traditional spring mechanism. This reduces annoying noise during the milking process.

  • Operator Comfort

    Optimized, small upper cabinet allows a good overall view, more head space and ultimate udder access.The operator stands in an ergonomically perfect, straight position, close to the cow. Besides, the individual control panels are within easy reach.

  • Easy to use

    One push button for one action. At the end of milking, the operator simply pushes a button to lift the front rail to its final position, which allows cows to exit.

  • Gentle push out for hesitating cows

    Hesitating cows are gently pushed out when the front rail with sequence gates comes back down and rotates gently into position to load the next cows.

  • Designed to Last

    The SmartWay 90 comes in galvanized steel with stainless steel cabinets. The structure is anchored to concrete. Built tough and built to last.

  • Feeding

    Optionally, you can add a feeding system to the stall. Advantage: rapid entry of the cows into the milking parlour.

“ SmartWay 90 ”

“ BouMatic SmartWay90 with Feeding ”