San Alcalin SC: Powerful chlorine-free alkaline detergent for milking systems and bulk tanks

San Alcalin SC is a powerful chlorine-free alkaline detergent for milking equipment, cooling tanks and milking robots. San Alcalin SC provides excellent cleaning of milking systems throughout the year, regardless of the characteristics of milking parlour and water hardness. It ensures a long life for your milking parlour.

San Alcalin SC belongs to the generation of cleaning products especially designed by BouMatic for use without chlorine. The use of this product is ideal when regulations require dairies to eliminate the use of chlorine and when dairy farmers need to use environmentally friendly products. San Alcalin SC can be used with cleaning water temperatures higher than 90°C for disinfection using a temperature procedure.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.