Activity, ingestion, rumination and cow positioning in one click

Much more than activity: BouMatic RealTime now provides rumination monitoring and cow positioning.
This comprehensive system measures the rest or activity periods, analyses the ingestion and rumination times of your cows or your heifers.
Combined with other health parameters, this allows early detection of potential health problems and provides the most reliable of alarms.

In addition, beacons in your barn will give you even faster access to monitored animals.


  • Reproduction management tools
    • Save time
    • Increase the pregnancy rate
    • Cut down hormone use
    • Reduce calving intervals
  • Health management tools
    • Anticipate the risks of ketosis and acidosis
    • Detect calving earlier
    • Prevent lameness problems
  • Identification

    Several options according to your needs

    • Milking parlour identification
    • Positioning of your animals in the milking parlour
  • Software links
    • With HerdMetrix, you can centralise all your cow data such as heat, milk production, treatments, supply of concentrates and much more
    • HerdMetrix also allows you to analyse the data in technical-economic dashboards
  • Connected
    • App viewable on tablet, smartphone and PC