Flexible, On-Demand Dispensing System

The ParlorMaster is used to dispense properly diluted chemicals at the dilution rate that works best for your farm's application. It uses Hydro's patented Venturi technology to accurately dilute your concentrated chemicals. It contains a 3/4 gallon reservoir holding tank to provide “on-demand” dispensing without wasting product. ParlorMaster provides the dairy with ability to spray, foam, and fill teat dip containers in the parlor.


Durable molded construction

  • Robust construction from materials to withstand dairy chemicals and environment.


  • Compact, lightweight design allows for easy installation and use, especially in tight spaces.

Durable Design

  • Constructed with chemically compatible materials

Flexibility for single or multiple chemicals

  • Configurable to handle one or two different chemicals

Adjusts to handle multiple dilution rates

  • Additional flexibility to best suit your farm's needs