Innovation and performance

OviMAX clusters are the ultimate milking solution for high-performance sheep farms. Their design is a concentrate of innovations for maximum results in terms of milking speed and quality, robustness and comfort.

Quick and efficient attach

Two fully-integrated automatic and independent valves allow independent milking of each teat while maintaining excellent milk flow.

Unsurpassed milking speed

Thanks to the patented alternative air inlet valve on each teat cup. This system ensures perfect teat vacuum stability and unrivalled milking quality, thanks in particular to the elimination of wet milking.

Simple and robust design

Claw and teat cups made of highly resistant PPSU resin, easy maintenance: no tools required and thanks to a limited number of parts.

Ergonomics and comfort

The compact, simple and robust design provides optimum ergonomics for both milker and animal. The design of the OviMAX cluster makes it easy to hold and the optimised size of the teat cup, available in 2 different lengths, means it fits all sheep.


Low line, high line, rotating stall: our milking cluster adapts perfectly to all types of milking parlour and offers the same milking performance whatever the parlour configuration.

Efficient washing

No more manual maintenance of air inlets! The OviClean jetter trays wash the valve automatically after each milking, ensuring that the clusters work perfectly with minimum maintenance.