Revolutionary robot milking

The MR-S2 (single box robot) is a compact milking robot equipped with one stall. It has a well organized technical area and one robot arm. Using an industry leading, patented system the single box robot milks one cows between the rear legs – gently, quickly and completely. This unique approach of milking between the rear legs provides direct benefits, offering the ideal milking experience for the cow, safety for the owner and protection for the system itself.

With the MR-S2 single box milking robot, milking becomes easy for the cow and the dairy farmer. Each cow defines her own rhythm and decides when she wants to be milked. When entering the robot, the identification system recognizes her and decides if sh:ie needs to be milked or not and what quantity of concentrated feed she needs. The robot arm performs all operations from behind, moving between the rear legs to approach the udder. Using the latest camera technology, the position of each teat is determined and the robot cleans and preps each teat and then attaches the milking cups.

The robot arm completes the entire milking process from within the enclosed technical area. This starts with washing and pre-milking each teat using the special teat preparation cup (each teat is individually cleaned and pre-milked). Next, the milking cups are attached and when milking is completed, the process finishes with the post-milking teat treatment.

Each step of the process is continuously monitored via sensors and measurement devices. Any deviations during the process are immediately and clearly flagged. All important data can be viewed via smartphone or tablet (such as iPad).

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  • One unit – easy to install

    The MR-S2 is a self-contained unit, allowing for quick and easy installation. Few building alterations are required. Whether the cowshed is old or new, the milking robots can be placed almost anywhere for ideal cow flow. You only need: milk pipes, electricity, air pipes, water and an internet connection.

  • Plug & play

    Each system is thoroughly tested before leaving the BouMatic Robotics factory. Consequently, once installed at the dairy, the milking robot can be fully operational within a few hours.

  • Compact and conform design

    The milking robot's operating area is completely closed off and provided with a ventilation system. In this way the milking robot conforms to specifications set by both government and dairy processors. All components are easily accessed in the clear and spacious layout of the technical area. The system is hygienic, advanced and can easily be accessed and controlled remotely using a computer, smartphone and/or tablet (such as an iPad).

  • Accurate hydraulic operation

    The use of hydraulics for the operation of the robot arm ensures a robust device with precision movement. The operation of the arm uses the latest in PLC-technology. Connecting the teat cups is done using the most modern camera technology. The camera, combined with a laser, defines the exact position of each teat.

  • Smooth cow traffic

    The MR-S1 design offers a unique feature, built-in selection gates that enhances cow flow. By integrating the selection possibilities there is no need for extra fences and gates. The milk robot is supplied with entrances and exits on both sides, allowing for control of each cow's exit into the cowshed or other designated space.

    At BouMatic Robotics we understand how important cow traffic routes in the cowshed layout are. Simple and open routes ensure smooth cow traffic, with cows that are at ease. This improves milk production. A calm cow has less adrenaline, a greater supply of oxytocin and consequently will supply more milk. So the fact that the MR-S2 stimulates smooth cow traffic means it will stimulate higher milk production. This in combination with the layout of the cowshed is important for the cow’s comfort and well-being, improving her productivity and milk quality.

  • High cow welfare – milking gently, quickly and completely

    Each cow is comfortable and stays calm during milking. Since the robot arm approaches from behind and milking is done between the rear legs, the cow is not distracted and has a comfortable milking experience. Furthermore, through the open frame, the cow has an unobstructed view and therefore feels like she is still among the herd. The cow receives concentrated feed during milking. All these factors, in combination with pre-milking, ensure a gentle, quick and complete milking.

  • Low maintenance

    The ingeniously designed system of the MR-S2 excels in simplicity and reliability. The hydraulic system ensures high reliability and low maintenance costs. The user can carry out minor maintenance easily, not only because components are easily accessible, but also due to the clear and spacious layout of the technical area.

  • Flexibility within your cowshed

    If required, the milking robot can be moved within the cowshed or to another cowshed after installation. In that case few building alterations are necessary. You only need: milk pipes, electricity, water, air pipes and an internet connection.

  • Safe milking for operator and cow

    The cow's safety is assured. Not only the cow's safety is of paramount importance, but also that of the system's user. Since the robot arm is positioned behind the cow, it is protected from possible damage caused by the cow kicking at it. It is very difficult for the cow to reach and kick off the teat cups. A unique benefit from the design is that if required, you can attach a cow manually from within the technical area.

  • Proven experience in milking technology

    BouMatic Robotics has specialized knowledge and years of experience in milking technology thanks to its close collaboration with BouMatic, a world leader in milking systems and hygiene products for over 65 years.



    The milk cups are connected using the very latest camera technology. Previously the milking robot relied on sensors to ensure that the robot arm had the prep cup or the milking cup in hand. The new vision system allows the robot arm to visibly see the cups and know that it is ready to move to the next step. The hydraulic drive for the attachment arm enables the arm to be very accurate. The latest PLC technology is used for these controls.


    The time-of-flight technology of the camera can determine the exact position of the individual teats. This has brought our milking robots superior attachment results. It is basically conducting a 3D analysis of the teats as it approaches; identifying the location more accurately. The waterproof stainless-steel 3D camera has a flat face for easy cleaning.


    One of the most-loved functions of the interface is the Teat Teach Screen. The camera brings up the image of the udder onto the screen. The operator can simply touch the teat ends on the image to ‘teach’ the camera where the teats are for that particular cow. This can be done for those cows that have difficult teat placement. The robot will then remember when that cow enters the box again as to the location of her teats and make the attachment process that much more efficient.


    This enhancement brings about smarter and quicker attachments. The BRI is the software of the robot and the brain behind the user interface. The logging of the issues has been simplified. The new version provides the ability to troubleshoot issues very effectively and easily.

    The user has multiple ways to access and manage information; smartphone, iPad, desktop computer as well as at the robot itself. All the important and necessary information the user needs can be accessed via the large, robust touchscreen installed on the robot. Both the PC and the touchscreen are equipped with powerful processors to automate functions and access key data.


    The robot will also be outfitted with the FloSmart™ flow-through milk meter. The FloSmart has no restrictions to the milk flow and provides temperature, conductivity data, and milk weight per quarter to the herd management system.

  • SC-GUARD, milk monitoring instrument for Somatic Cell Count

    In approved markets, the SC-Guard is a new option in the MR-S2 and MR-D2 milk robots. It is a milk monitoring instrument for Somatic Cell Count (SCC), allowing the farmer to monitor cow health and treat preventively when necessary. The instrument takes a milk sample during the milking. This sample is analyzed for sub-clinical mastitis based on SCC during the earliest stages. This highly sensitive device allows the farmer to intervene quickly if necessary and monitor the trend and variation in the SCC. Early detection of sub-clinical mastitis followed by the appropriate treatment reduces the risk of contamination and reduces the use and cost of antibiotics. Chances of recovery are increased, and loss of milk yield is prevented.

Camera on the head
Camera on the head

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