Revolutionary double milking

<p>The MR-D1 is a compact milking robot with a double box with the same pioneering and patented system that milks the cow between the back legs. The system is set up to milk two cows, standing side by side, simultaneously. The milking robot has a well-organised technical area and one robot arm. All in one unit. The entirely new approach of milking between the back legs provides direct benefits when it comes to cow processing, animal welfare and protecting the system itself. </p> <p>With the MR-D1 double box milking robot, milking becomes easy for the cow and the dairy farmer. The cow defines her own rhythm and decides when she wants to be milked. When entering the robot, the identification system recognizes the cow, decides if she needs being milked indeed and what quantity of concentrated feed she needs. The robot arm approaches the udder between the cow's hind legs. Using the latest camera technology, the teat position is defined and the milking clusters are attached. </p> <p>The robot arm completes the milking process from within the enclosed technical area. From washing and pre-milking with the special teat preparation cup (the nipples are individually cleaned and pre-milked) over the actual milking process to post-milking teat treatment. <br /><br />The milking process is continuously monitored via the various sensors and measurement devices. Deviations within the milking process are immediately and clearly flagged up. If necessary, this data can be sent to a smartphone or iPad.</p>