Kleen & Dri XL towels improve the milker's ability to clean the skin of the tip of the teat while eliminating the cracked bacteria that hold teat skin.

One-Step Teat-Prep Wet-Wipes

  • When used properly, helps reduce mastitis and maintains or lowers SCC
  • Replaces pre-dip and towels or udder washing and drying
  • Eliminates a milk prep step - no need to wipe dry
  • Kills bacteria and viruses on contact reducing prep time
  • Sanitizes milker’s hands between cows
  • Non-irritant and biodegradable
  • No residue problem – made with food grade ethanol
  • For best results, follow the simple brush, forestrip, wipe, wipe method. That is, brush loose dirt off the teat, forestrip onto the cow platform or into a strip cup, wipe across the teat opening and wipe down and around the teat.
  • Improves milkers ability to clean the teat endskin while sloughing away dry cracked, bacteria harboring teat skin