BouMatic jetters for reliable Clean-In-Place washing of milking units

In milking parlors, milking units are commonly attached to wash assemblies (jetters) fed from a wash manifold. This water-draw pipe network and jetters make up the wash manifold. BouMatic jetters are designed to provide the best cleaning of your milking units.

BouMatic has 4 types available

  • Jetter Supreme

    The Jetter Supreme is used in parallel milking parlours. It retracts during milking and ensures a simplified cleaning of the milker’s pit.

    Composition of the assembly:

    • Stainless steel tilting tray and plate
    • Distributor tee
    • Long profile jetter cups
  • Jetter Tray Assembly

    The Jetter tray assembly is used in parlors for clean-in-place washing of milking units. It stores out of the way during milking.

    The Jetter tray assembly includes :

    • Low profile jetter cups
    • Stainless distributor tee
    • Duckbill drain valve
    • Restrictor orifice
    • Stainless steel hook to position claw during washing
  • Fold-down jetter

    Fold-down jetter is designed for parlors with a platform overhang too small to allow the use of the jetter drawer.

    Fold-down jetter assembly includes :

    • Stainless steel door and enclosure
    • Latch holds door closed during milking
    • Compact – 8-1/2 in. W x 9-1/8 in. H x 3-1/2 in. D (216 x 232 x 89 mm)
    • Low profile rubber jetter cups
  • Standard jetter assembly and parts

    Standard jetter assembly and its parts is used in parlors or flat barns.

    This assembly includes :

    • Stainless steel holder
    • Stainless distributor tee with air vent
    • Low profile jetter cups
    • Drain valve
Jetter Supreme
Jetter Supreme