Herringbone parlour, designed for perfect visibility of the udder

The HD2 offers all the advantages of the best herringbone stall systems in an economical parlour solution. The 115 cm (45”) stall spacing allows gentle cow positioning with a good visibility of the udders to ensure efficient milking from the side.

The HD2 is also available with rapid exit system.


  • Robust bolted construction
    • Quick and economical installation
    • Herringbone milking in a rugged parlour with 60 mm (2”) rails
    • Available in sizes 2x3 to 2x12
  • Compact footprint

    This stall system can be installed in many existing buildings (not more than 5 meters)

  • Improved productivity

    The open exit design allows for excellent cow traffic and throughput. Open space without divider gates for rapid cow traffic.

  • Cow-friendly rump panels

    Designed for the cows while providing an efficient protection of the milker crew and equipment.

  • Air option for operator efficiency

    The air option for the entrance and exit gates can be automated for increased operator efficiency.

  • Available with rapid exit

    For dairy farmers wishing to combine the user-friendliness of a herringbone system with the speed of a parallel rapid exit system, an exit reel can be integrated.

  • Feature-rich and configurable
    • Many popular option packages, such as sinus curbing for optimal operator comfort and ultimate udder access.
    • Configurable to meet your needs and your budget.
    • Available with straight or sinus front rail or with feed troughs mounted on the front rail.