Adjustable floor: height adjustable for your convenience

The BouMatic HandyFloor is just what you need to improve the ergonomics of your workstations. Adjust the floor to the ideal height of your milking operator and see an immediate improvement in working position, udder access and visibility. Regardless of the milker’s height, you will always find the ideal working position in your milking parlor. What’s more, a correct working position improves security and subjects the body’s joints and muscles to less pressure - you will feel the difference in the long run!


  • Solid, long lasting design

    A simple and reliable drive system ensures a smooth upward and downward movement by means of a chain pull.

    A full stainless steel version is available as an option for intensive use, especially with disinfectants.

  • Flexible & convenient

    The HandyFloor can move 30 cm from top to bottom and can support loads of up to 1000kg. The height is easily adjustable at the push of a button.

  • Hygienic

    The non-slip surface drains off all effluents perfectly. All materials are easy to clean and can stand up to the rigors of heavy use.

  • Easy to operate

    The floor is raised and lowered by pressing the up and down buttons on the control panel. It takes approx. 1 sec. from the button being activated to the floor moving.

  • Fit for your parlour

    Whether you have a rotary, side-by-side or a parallel system, the BouMatic HandyFloor is available for your parlour configuration.

  • Relieve stress on the milker’s legs

    Non-slip, flexible flooring.