Guardian Supreme: Pipeline washer

The BouMatic Guardian Supreme pipeline washer is a system that automatically controls the washing of clean-in-place (CIP) milking systems. Upon activation at the electrical module, the washer automatically dispenses cleaning chemicals into water that fills the wash sink for circulation through milk lines and equipment.

The user can easily program amounts of chemical, water temperatures, length of cycles, and other washer functions, all of which the washer controls precisely. Water temperatures for the various cycles are controlled by a combination of electrically actuated water valves.

Automatic drainage is provided by an electric sink drain. A level switch controls the water level in the sink. The washer can also control a diverter valve, a water separation valve for management of circulated water, and an air injector.

This programmable electronic pipeline washer for milking installations, consists of 2 modules :

  • One module for the control electronics, the digital display screen, and the programming buttons.
  • One module for the 3 dosing pumps that allow the traditional alternating wash and the socalled “American” concentrated wash with three washing chemicals (alkaline, chlorinated, acid) in the same cycle.


  • Customized wash and sanitize cycles
    • Programmed fully flexibly to fit the specific needs of any dairy
    • Settings configuration : cycle duration, chemical concentration, water temperature, …
    • Easy programming
    • Programmable outputs
  • Security
    • Automatic chemical dispensing : no immediate contact of the operator with the chemicals and no overdosing
    • Chemical refill alert
    • Two separate modules : the electronics and the chemicals are kept apart
    • Access Code Security
  • Precise and efficient
    • Automatic pumping of products
    • Precise dosing of products
  • Ecological unit
    • Very efficient wastewater management
    • Adjustment of the optimum water amount for each cycle
    • Used water sent to 1 up to 4 different destinations
    • Preservation of the water from the last rinse in the tank for reuse in the next prewash cycle
  • Milk quality
    • A pre milking sanitation cycle can be preset
    • The pump module can even be installed outside the milk room in order to keep chemicals away from milk and feedstuffs
  • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Suitable for all new and existing installations
    • Low maintenance requirements
  • Configurable according to the wishes of the farmer
    • UL, CSA and CE Rated
    • Displays Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish