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BouMatic Hygiene practices are renowned for their performance and preservation of equipment hygiene. Our engineered Circulation Cleaning approach eliminates the challenges associated with long-distance cleaning.


Our engineered Circulation Cleaning approach eliminates the challenges associated with longdistance cleaning. Through better technology and improved milking efficiences, you can produce more milk using less resources.

  • Efficient Cleaning - Circulation cleaning involves creating a continuous flow of the cleaning solution throughout the entire system. This allows for a more thorough and even distribution of the cleaning agents, resulting in a more effective cleaning.
  • Removal of Stubborn Deposits - Circulation cleaning is useful for removing stubborn deposits, such as mineral scales, sludge, or biofilms, that may accumulate over time. The continuous flow helps to breakdown and dislodge these deposits, improving system performance.
  • Suitable for Complex Systems - Circulation cleaning pushes the solution through all pathways and is well-suited for systems with multiple branches, bends, and complex configurations.


Our engineered circulation cleaning approach results in lower temperature and water volume requirements. Saving dairymen operational costs without sacrificing system hygiene.

We have to take into account that we are a cheese dairy and therefore have high demands on milk quality. In the meantime, we can confirm that this also works with a milking robot. General cleanliness is mandatory and the hygiene requirements must also be met by the Robot.

Christoph Fatzer, Schweiz

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Gentle on teats, tough on bacteria, BouMatic has pre-dip and post-dips formulated to maintain and protect healthy teats. Here again, BouMatic offers you many years of experience in excellent animal hygiene to harvest high-quality milk in robotic milking systems.

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Using concentrated products is an environmentally friendly approach to use. It allows the usage of smaller container sizes which in turns saves on shipping costs. Concentrates also save water by not having to use to blend in prior to shipment. Concentrates also save you space in your utility room as you won't have multiple oversized drums on hand.

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