The high performance parallel stall for family farms

The Formula 1 parallel stall is designed to milk the cows from the back, around 8 to 10 hours a day. It has a reel exit system, which ensures a perfect positioning of the cow and perfect cow traffic control.

At the end of milking, the operator simply pushes a button to rotate the front rail, allowing the cows to exit quickly. Besides, hesitating cows are gently pushed out when the front rail comes back gently into position to load the next cows.


  • Rotating Exit Reel to enhance cow traffic
    • Counterbalanced for safety.
    • Ushers cows out of milking area, which speeds up cow traffic, reduces operator tasks and saves operator time.
    • Pneumatic reel control with indexing to manage reel operation, starting the exit and loading sequence.
  • Adjustable Drive system
    • Adjustable power and speed.
    • One cylinder per side as standard, means less maintenance.
  • Brisket beam
    • Angled brisket beam indexes each cow with one motion of the exit reel.
    • Correctly contacts the cow's brisket, creating a custom fit.
  • Low maintenance, noise reducing pedestal-style sequencing gates
    • Gates overlap to eliminate short loading, by allowing only one cow to enter the next available stall.
    • The overlapping gates don't touch each other, reducing noise and banging.
  • Available in two models

    Classic Model:
    Along with a stainless-steel splashguard, reinforced stainless-steel gutter and hot dipped galvanized steel frame, the Formule 1 Classic features two horizontal galvanized steel conduits. These rugged conduits provide additional strength to the splashguard, framing for all automation, and an attractive enclosure for cables and hoses.

    Supreme model has integrated cabinets:

    • Large, enclosed cabinets provide room for detachers, pulsation system, electrical cables and pneumatic lines.
    • Everything is tucked away, giving it an uncluttered, attractive appearance and making it easier to clean and service.
  • Solid as a rock
    • The Formule 1 structure is anchored to concrete.
    • With structural components constructed of stainless and hot-dipped galvanized steel, Formule 1 parlours are built to last.

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