FoamMAX: Automatic foaming system to make foam cleaning simple and effortless

FoamMAX is an automatic foaming system. It is designed to enable a simple and effortless foam cleaning of the teats, ensuring an efficient pre-milking routine. Working with compressed air, it generates a dense and high-quality foam with no efforts for the milker. FoamMAX is ideally used in combination with BlueMAX Premium and BlueMAX B Clean teat dips.

The foam is easily applied to the teat with the ergonomic dosing gun handle, filling the cup automatically instead of manually. The long dosing gun prevents the milker from stretching and straining his back. The foam cleaning is performed faster, more efficiently and consistently.

FoamMAX is a complete system, including a pump, an installation kit and a gun. If needed, it is possible to add extra guns, depending on milking parlour size. Quick and easy installation.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.


  • Comfortable to use

    The operator does no longer need to manually squeeze a foam cup when prepping the teats. The work is less tiring, faster and less repetitive. FoamMAX reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Time saving

    Thanks to the wide and deep dosing cup, teats are dipped quickly and the operator saves time.

  • Robust and reliable

    FoamMAX has a robust and reliable design, making it a very interesting long-term investment.

  • Perfect hygiene

    FoamMAX dips the teats with a dense and high-quality foam, ensuring a consistent pre-milking routine. Contamination risks are reduced and milk let-down is stimulated.

  • Compressed air operated

    With this 100% compressed air system, there is no need for electricity or vacuum.

  • Adaptable

    FoamMAX can be used on any type of parallel or rotary milking parlour. In addition, the operator can choose the quality and density of the foaming product.

  • In combination with BlueMAX Premium and BlueMAX B Clean

    FoamMAX has been specially designed and developed for use in combination with two BouMatic products: BlueMAX Premium and BlueMAX B Clean.

    BlueMAX Premium is the first ready-to-use pre- and post-milking chlorine dioxide teat dip. Its skin conditioning agents keep the skin soft and smooth.

    BlueMAX B Clean is the superior foaming product for teat cleaning before milking. Its skin conditioning agents protect the teat skin.

  • Easy to install

    BouMatic’s FoamMAX is easy to install. Each FoamMAX is delivered with its user and installation manual compiling all the needed recommendations and tips for each parlour type.

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