Stand-alone automatic sort system to simplify your sorting process

The BouMatic EZ Sort Gate is a stand-alone sort gate system, which automatically separates cows, as they leave the milking parlour. If a cow needs special attention, the operator can easily attach a catch tag to the cow’s rear leg while standing in the parlour. As the cow leaves the parlour, the EZ-Sort Gate will automatically direct the cow to a special needs area.


  • Easy to install

    Since the EZ Sort gate does not require a network controller, it can be installed anywhere, fast and easy.

  • Automatic, saves time and labor

    The EZ Sort System can work fully automatic, which means that the operator has less organizational work for his herd management.

  • Easy to use

    You can easily sort while standing in the parlour, while attaching a leg tag to the cow.

  • Fits any parlour

    Fits an array of parlour configurations, regardless of manufacturer.

  • Upgradable

    The EZ-sort system can easily be upgraded for use with a SmartDairy Controller and an automated ID system at a later date.