"Instant" Cool

Our Falling Film Chillers are available in 6-Plate and 12-Plate Models.


    • Available in 2- to 6-plate configurations
    • Fitted with a 6-plate water distribution trough, and 12-plate cabinets are fitted with two 6-plate troughs, to make adding additional plates easy and economical
    • Water inlet(s): 1 – 2 in. M NPT inlet on 6-plate chillers
    • Water outlet(s): 1 – 3 in. M NPT outlet on 6-plate chillers
    • Reservoir capacity: 140 gal. - 6-plate cabinet (198 gal. max.)
    • Shipping dimensions: 36 in. wide x 85 in. high x 81 in. long
    • Available in 6- to 12-plate configurations
    • Reservoir capacity: 280 gal. - 12-plate cabinet(379 gal. max.)
    • Fitted with two 3 in. outlets, which can beplumbed together for single coolant waterpump applications, or used separately forapplications using two coolant water pumps
    • Water inlet(s): 2 – 2 in. M NPT inlets on 12-plate chillers
    • Water outlet(s): 2 – 3 in. M NPT outlet on 12-plate chillers
    • Use the optional field-installed baffle divider plate to allow a 12-plate chillercabinet to provide two coolant temperatures to dual coolant plate coolers,and maximize compressor capacities
    • Shipping dimensions: 64 in. wide x 85 in. high x 81 in. long
    • Trough Tape for sealing, black, 3 in. x 36 yd.