Control your out-of-parlour feeding with BM3K

BM3K out-of-parlour feeding is a modern sophisticated feeding system. Dispensing of concentrate feed is programmed on your PC with the HerdMetrix software for individual cows, groups or at production level.


  • Heavy-duty feeding station

    The easy to install BouMatic out-of-parlour feed station only requires one feed station frame for all BouMatic ID systems. The stall includes:

    • Stainless-steel auger motors with PVC hoppers
    • Reinforced fiberglass resin or stainless-steel trough
    • Heavy duty, 1.5-inch galvanized steel stall
    • Easy and secure access for each cow
    • Front separated from the station body to prevent bullying
    • Feed trough integrated into the front
  • Combine with the BouMatic RealTime system

    Possibility to combine the BM3K system with the BouMatic Real Time heat detection solution: 2 systems but only one data input!

  • HerdMetrix herd management software

    Complete software: Herd genealogy (parent history simplifying the selection of breeding stock).

    • Milking result analysis (in connection with the milk meters) for the evaluation of the intake of concentrates per animal.
    • “Country MOD” module: collection of governmental data (BCMS, milk recording organization, breeding centre…) and only one data entry (for AI, calving…)
  • Possibility to use the Advance module

    Analysis of techno-economic criteria

  • Customizable and adjustable to your herd
    • Customizable to feed cows by herd, group or individually
    • Adjust feed holds by feeding stations or entire herd
    • Feed curves with up to 6 programmable stages. Adjustable per group or per individual cow for simplified but powerful ration adjustment
    • Excellent feed dispensing algorithms. Preventing against overfeeding. Optimising number of cows per feeding station