BlueMAX Xtrem: Ready to use skin conditioning post dip with chlorine dioxide

BlueMAX Xtrem contains 15 % emollients for maximum skin conditioning. Great teat condition prevents mastitis. Soft, smooth teat skin also makes cleaning teats prior to milking a breeze.

BlueMAX Xtrem also contains lactic acid for optimum skin exfoliation to remove hyperkeratosis and promote healthy teat skin.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.


  • Optimal protection of teats until the next milking

    BlueMAX Xtrem protects teats against strains of bacteria until the next milking.

  • Good long-lasting teat condition

    An exceptionally good teat condition in just a few days. The teats are therefore cleaner at the next milking.

  • Safe

    BlueMAX Xtrem contains chlorine dioxide and emollients for quick action on the teat skin. The first teat protection against bacteria is the skin protection itself.

  • MAXimum Softening & Skin Care Actions

    Contains 15% special emollients which protect the teat skin day after day at each milking. BlueMAX Xtrem also contains optimum amounts of lactic acid, to protect the teat ends and to prevent hyperkeratosis.

  • Formulated with e-Bond technology

    Thanks to our exclusive e-Bond technology, the BlueMAX Xtrem formula avoids the losses and drawbacks arising from mixing all other 2-component chlorine dioxide products.