BlueMAX Spray: The 1st ready to use chlorine dioxide spray, specially designed for robots

Drawing on the BlueMAX Premium experience, BlueMAX Spray has been developed specifically for application in robotic milking systems and helps produce high quality milk. With its exclusive formula, BlueMAX Spray offers great teat protection.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.


  • Optimal protection

    BlueMAX Spray is the first ready to use 0.9% chlorine dioxide specific for robots. Chlorine dioxide has a proven and quick effect and helps ensure the harvest of high-quality milk. Very good teat coverage with his specific spray formula.

  • MAXimum softening & skin care effectiveness

    BlueMAX Spray helps to protect teat skin stressed by more frequent milkings in robots. This product contains 15% of emollients specially chosen to protect the skin day after day, after each milking.

  • Highly secure

    BlueMAX Spray contains a complex of chlorine dioxide, known for its rapid disinfectant action.

  • Formulated with e-Bond technology

    Thanks to our exclusive e-Bond technology, the BlueMAX Spray formula eliminates the loss and inconvenience resulting from mixing with chlorine dioxide-based 2-component products.

  • Versatile use

    BlueMAX Spray is easy to use in robotic milking systems but can also be used for manual spraying in conventional milking systems.