BlueMAX Barrier: Fast disinfection and a physical barrier between milking sessions

New generation BlueMAX Barrier preserves the skin’s natural moisture balance by creating a breathable barrier on each teat. This barrier helps prevent bacteria from reaching the open teat canal. BlueMAX Barrier also keeps emollients in place to extend teat skin conditioning far beyond non-barrier dips.

Based on biphenyl-2-ol, BlueMAX Barrier is a powerful germicide which quickly kills bacteria and protects the teats between milkings.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.


  • Optimal protection of teats until the next milking

    BlueMAX Barrier has proven its bactericidal efficiency according to norm EN1656 in less than 5 minutes through the significant reduction in the number of bacteria, in particular the following strains (non-exhaustive list): Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus uberis, Proteus vulgaris.

  • Skin conditioning

    Apart from its highly efficient activity against pathogens, BlueMAX Barrier also maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance by creating a “breathable” barrier on the teat.

  • Creates an effective barrier

    BlueMAX Barrier creates an effective barrier on the teat between milkings, whilst allowing for swift and easy cleaning before the next milking.

  • Safe and rapid action

    BlueMAX Barrier contains an active germicidal complex with biphenyl-2-ol, known for its rapid action.

  • Sought-after characteristics

    Due to its active formulation, the BlueMAX Barrier complex brings a tonic, revitalizing and astringent effect ensuring, after application, a rapid closure of the teat canal.

  • Economical solution

    With its low consumption per application, BlueMAX Barrier is probably the most economical solution to use.