BouMatic and American Capital Finance now offer a fast, easy and competitive financing solution for dairy equipment upgrades, new construction and expansion projects.

BouMatic Financing Program

  • 100% Financing: Conserve your working capital. Up to 100% of equipment costs (installation, material, freight, etc.) can be bundled into the lease. No major capital outlay is required. Working Capital and existing credit lines remain available for other needs and opportunities.
  • Budget Benefits – Structuring payments over several budget periods (typically 2 – 5) allows you to obtain your necessary equipment and reduces the need to settle for a lower quality product. You can use more of your money for running your farm.
  • Flexible Payment Options – Payments can be structured to meet your farm’s needs and cash flow. We typically offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment structures depending on your needs. We typically offer lease terms of 2 to 5 years but are willing to consider all payment structures that fit your needs.
  • Fixed Rate Financing – Leasing is not subject to market fluctuations and interest rate increases. Your payment structure is fixed throughout the term of the lease.
  • Fast and Convenient– Depending on the size of the project, most leases can be approved in a matter of days. We do our best to keep the application process as simple as possible. BouMatic allows for a direct flow of information that significantly reduces the documentation process.

So easy to get started! Just apply online at:
(Available for U.S. only.)

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