Job description

The Employee in this position has the production responsibilities of safely setting-up and operating presses, trimmers, venting machine, labeling, and packaging equipment in our liner department. Must be able to hold high quality finished goods specifications. The machine operator will have additional responsibilities including, but not limited to; prioritizing, directing work flow and meeting deadlines in a timely fashion while keeping a 100% or better efficiency in a team environment to ensure the smooth flow of product through the department.

Key Responsibilities and Accountability

  1. General Responsibilities
  1. Safely setup and operate presses, trimmers, venting machine, labeling, and packaging equipment.
  2. Will properly check completed work, set-up sheets, and drawings.
  3. Will properly record work performed and maintain performance within the standards as outlined by the company.
  4. Will work within a team environment; cooperate with fellow employees to maintain the flow of work through the shop.
  5. Must perform all instructions and job duties assigned by department supervisor, assistant foremen, and or group leader
  6. General housekeeping such as, but not limited to; cleaning, keeping work area and machines clean and free of debris.
  7. Physically must be able to stand for 8 +hours. This is a standing job.
  8. The ability to lift 50 lbs.
  9. Must wear all proper personal protective equipment. Operator will not wear loose jewelry, must keep loose hair and clothing restrained.
  10. The air temperature is controlled
  1. Secondary Duties


  1. Reports directly to the department supervisor and assistant foreman
  2. Will work with other members of the team and at times may be required to work with other departments in a cooperative manner.
  3. Key relationships with QUALITY ASSURANCE, maintenance, safety, and engineering teams.

Physical & Environmental Requirements

Technical/Job Skill Qualifications

  1. Mechanical Aptitude
  2. Ability to be trained on machine set-ups
  3. Ability to run multiple machines
  4. Must be able to comprehend and follow written and verbal instructions.