Oils and lubricants

BouMatic ViscoMAX oils: a complete range, specifically developed for all our milking and effluent management equipment.

When you choose ViscoMAX oil, you can be sure that your BouMatic equipment will operate efficiently and for a long time.

Oils for vacuum pumps and stalls

VacuSTAR – high performance oil for AirStar pump

VacuLUBE – high performance oil for vane vacuum pump

HydroTOR – high performance oil for for rotary stall and gear motor

The vacuum pump is the heart of your milking machine. Good lubrication guarantees a constant, uniform vacuum, as well as a longer service life for your pump. Specially adapted for this purpose, our oils ensure perfect lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions.

Because of their operating environment and heavy use, stall gear motors are subject to severe stress. By choosing our oils, you can be sure of perfect operation, milking after milking.

Oils for robots

VacuGEM – high performance oil for GEMINI milking robot vacuum pump

HydroBOT – high performance hydraulic oil for GEMINI milking robot

VacuGEM and HydroBOT oils ensure optimum, constant and uniform operation of your GEMINI and GEMINI UP milking robot. Specially developed for this use, they guarantee you high-performance milking of your cows, day after day.

Oil for slurry management systems

HydroTOR – high performance oil for gear motor

HydroEVO – high performance oil for scrapers and mixers

HydroSYT – high performance oil for scrapers and mixers

HydroMIX – high performance oil for slurry pumps and mixers

EcoMIX - vegetable oil for slurry pumps and mixers

Scrapers, pumps, mixers, separators... for all the agricultural and industrial effluent management equipment in the BouMatic range, there is a specific, tailored lubricant.

Specially formulated for use in demanding conditions, our oils protect against wear and ensure that your equipment operates at optimum efficiency.