Bedcide Dispenser

The Bedcide dispenser has been specially designed for the distribution of drying powder such as Bedcide.

It distributes the Bedcide conditioner evenly and homogeneously, saving you a significant amount of product.

The size of the dispensing opening is adjustable. By dispensing 100g per cubicle, a full spreader can treat up to 120 cubicles.

Benefits at a glance

  • Practical and easy to use

    Very easy to use, the Bedcide dispenser works with any type of battery powered screwdriver.

  • Economical

    Allows precise and even dispensing of conditioner, saving a significant amount of product.

  • Perfectly suited to Bedcide conditioner

    This dispenser is specially adapted for spreading Bedcide conditioner thanks to its simultaneous mixing and spreading system.