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Farm Information

3x MR-D2 milking robots

FarmerHayden Jenkin
Herd Size
Year of installation
Number of milking a day
Milk weight
32,3 L/day/cow

“ Treworgie Farm, Cornwall UK, ”

Hayden Jenkin is the third generation dairy farmer who manages the Treworgie Farm together with his family. The farm is located in a remote area which always made it difficult to find staff. This was one of the main reasons for the family to go for milking robots. Since they milk with the BouMatic milking robots they've noticed that their cows are healthier and happier. For themselves, they have found more time to look after the cows and more time to enjoy their lives.

Before they opted for the BouMatic milking robot the Jenkin family did a lot of research and even visited other countries to compare different robot systems. They finally chose BouMatic because the robot allows to milk a cow manually and they like the way the cow gets milked: the robot milks from behind and each quarter gets milked out very well.