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“ Beck Dairy Farm (FloSmart) Testimonial ”

David Beck farms along with his brother Mike. They are fifth-generation dairy farmers.

They currently milk 1220 head of cows with a 30,000 lb herd average.

They have a 2x16 parallel parlor and chose to do a remodel with the addition of the FloSmart meters.

They chose the FloSmarts because they won’t need the rebuilding of the other previous meters they had. They are anticipating it will reduce their maintenance costs and save on cleaning as well. They have been in for 6 months and have had no issues with the cleaning.

Their herd has a little over 100-lb per cow average and the meters have had no issues handling the flow of the milk. The data being captured by the meter is also accurate, David said.

The installation by LDS went well and was able to be done in stages with new pulsators as well as the meters.