The Ultimate Rugged and Powerful External Rotary

This is the ultimate in rotary milking systems. Built for continuous, around-the-clock milking, the Xcalibur 360EX is ruggedly built and precision engineered to deliver unrivalled throughput and maximum efficiency for the dairy operation.

It’s drive system, central pivot and swivel, nylon rollers and massive double I-beam drive rail are the roughest and most reliable in the business. A contemporary, robust design and rugged construction give the Xcalibur 360Ex lasting durability and value.

This rotary, available in a basement version from 40 to 110 stalls and non-basement version from 32 and 40 stalls, is ideal for commercial farms with herds from 1200 to 4000 cows and beyond.


BouMatic’s Xcalibur™ 360EX - The Ultimate External Rotary

Designed for continuous, around-the-clock milking reliability, the Xcalibur 360EX is rugged and precision engineered to deliver unrivaled throughput and maximum efficiency for your dairy operation.

Designed for improved cow comfort.

Smooth operation, clean contemporary lines and easy cow loading and unloading.

Improved operator efficiencies.

After milking, units detach the milking unit, hose and pulsation tubes descend to rest below the platform – out of the way of exiting cows.

Steel I-beam roller platform.

Massive, circular rail system and nylon rollers support the platform. Rollers require no lubrication as the Xcalibur 360EX is built with quality construction in mind for maximum reliability .

Superior Drive System

Xcalibur's quality electric drive system is unparalleled to any other. The ability to safely stop the rotary quickly when needed is of upmost importance.

Below Deck

Below-deck pipelines for milk, cleaning, vacuum and filtered pulsation air lines. The SmartMeter ICAR-approved meter is also safely under the deck. Thru our dealer network, BouMatic is always ready to assist in optimizing your pulsation, CIP and SmartDairy system for optimal efficiency on your dairy!

Integrated system console

Each stall has an integrated system console to house automation components and pulsators and provides access to CIP jetter cups. This quality design construction gives a crisp appearance to your Xcalibur 360EX!

Hose Support

BouMatic's hose support is key to maintaining an even and quick milkout. It also increases the comfort on the cow's teat ends.

Large scale operations.

Xcalibur 360EX models are available in all galvanized, galvanized stalls with stainless steel consoles, or in all stainless steel models. Our basement versions are offered from 40 to 110 stalls, and non basement version from 32 to 44 stalls.

Return on investment.

Through increased cow comfort, operator efficiencies, improved equipment performance and long lasting construction, the Xcalibur 360EX provides dairy operators with unrivaled results and return on investment.