Static pump with agitator

The T-PHS (with agitator) Pump is ideal for use when slurry needs agitating in the reception tank before pumping it into the slurrystore. This pump is fitted with an under surface agitator to the main delivery tube to divert the slurry, causing a high pressure jet agitation. Moving a handle at the pump head diverts slurry up to the male bauer discharge fitting (standard).

Technical details

  • 540rpm gearbox
  • Fully galvanised
  • 6 blade impeller, 360mm x 100mm

125 mm

  • 60-70hp required
  • 125mm discharge pipe
  • 11,365L mixing capacity per minute

150 mm

  • 100-120hp required
  • 150mm discharge pipe
  • 20,475L mixing capacity per minute

Lengths available from 1.5m up to 5m. Lengths are measured in 300mm increments.

Pump Accessories

As all applications of slurry management are not all the same, BouMatic have developed a range of accessories to fit all our slurry pump.

Re-Circulation Pump

The 150mm Re-Circulation pump is used to enable the mixing of above ground storage tanks without the need for a reception tank. The slurry enters the recirculation pump from a head pressure of slurry entering the impeller housing with a 1,000rpm input. The machine will discharge at 3,000gpm.

Technical details

  • Fully galvanised
  • 3-point linkage frame