The smart way to disinfect teats!

The purpose of the SR1 is to care for and/or prevent infection of the cow's udder meticulously immediately after milking. The robot is integrated in your rotary milking system, but functions entirely independently.  After it’s being milked, a cow’s udder is susceptible to infection. The aperture at the end of the teat remains open for about half an hour and provides easy access for bacteria. So, it is important to disinfect the teats in order to prevent udder infection. Disinfection is often not carried out or performed manually, which is costly in terms of labor since the person doing the disinfecting is standing at the end of the rotary platform and cannot really carry out other tasks. And as with all human work it is not always done with the same degree of care. The SR1 automatic spraying robot is the solution; it will reduce your labor costs significantly and you have the guarantee that your cow’s udders are disinfected completely and reliably.


  • Available for everyone

    Since the SR1 operates totally independent of the rotary milking system it can be applied to any external milking rotary, regardless of type and brand. So this spraying robot is available for everyone.

  • Precise udder disinfection

    With it’s advanced 3D camera system, the SR1 is fully automatic and therefore more consistent and precise in comparison to manual disinfection. 

  • Innovative spray technology

    A spray technology has been developed for the SR1 which hardly has any spray shadows for the teats due to swirling of the disinfectant. All surfaces of the teats come into contact with the disinfectant and you can be sure that your cow’s teats are completely protected. 

  • Low consumption

    By applying high pressure to the spraying agent, a very fine mist is created. Our unique spraying mechanism reduces spraying agent consumption considerably compared to conventional sprays.

  • Range of perfectly protecting barrier sprays

    A unique range of spraying agents has been developed for the SR1 specifically. So we have the appropriate agent for every teat condition and infection risk. Most of these agents work on the barrier principle which creates a barrier permeable to air on each teat. These barriers help prevent bacteria from reaching the open teat canal.

  • Custom capacities

    The SR1 can be supplied in three different versions, the SR1 -LD, -MD and -HD. They differ in speed and capacity. Speeds of 13 up to even 6 seconds per milking parlour can be attained.

  • Low maintenance

    The very cleverly designed concept excels in its simplicity and reliability. The hydraulic system ensures high reliability and low maintenance costs.