BouMatic long shaft slurry pump

BouMatic long shaft slurry pumps type MPG (motor pump) are mounted on the edge of a well or tank, so that the lower part with the pump housing is lowered into the slurry and the upper part with the motor is in the open air.
The long shaft pump can be supplied with a movable tank bottom mixer. A range of sizes, attachments and pipes available.

Technical details

  • The hardened steel knife system for dry matter spraying and the spiral for uniform access to the pump ensure
    unobstructed pumping.
  • Pump housing made of hardened steel. Much better quality than the welded pump housing.
  • High robustness, often 10 to 15 years of operation without high costs.
  • Capacity up to 450 m³/h.

Motor sizes from 5.5 to 30.0 kW or as a tractor pump.
Lifting height up to 25 metres.
4”, 5” or 6” pump hose.