Mixing and pumping with one machine

BouMatic have designed this machine to benefit from the great mixing capacity of the LMH-T whilst having the facility to pump out of the lagoon with the same machine via a 6” side discharge pipe. This provides the user with great benefits, offering several possibilities for filling open top tankers, pumping to other lagoons and priming umbilical pumps, all from one machine.

Available models

  • 7.0m length - Mixing depth of 4.5m
  • 8.0m length - Mixing depth of 5.5m
  • 9.5m length- Mixing depth of 7.5m


Technical Details

  • 55mm drive shaft
  • 150mm or 200mm discharge pipe
  • Minimum 130hp required
  • 1000rpm
  • 20000L output per minute mixing capacity
  • 10000m3 mixing capacity from one point*
  • 6 greasable bearing assemblies on a 9.5m machine
  • 9.5m machine weighs 1500kg
  • 2.5m extension frame can be added to all models