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What if you could have a milking system that doubles your advantages in many ways? The Gemini milking robot allows you to benefit from the best milking quality combined in an automated milking system milking 2 cows simultaneously without doubling the investment or footprint.

The Gemini (double box robot) is a compact milking robot equipped with two stalls, side-by-side. It has a well organized technical area and one robot arm. Using an industry leading, patented system the double box robot milks two cows simultaneously between the rear legs – gently, quickly and completely.

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Superior milking quality in a comfortable environment

Integrated, proven BouMatic technology and equipment, like vacuum and pulsation, balancing technology creates the very best practices in milking. Every robot is built on BouMatic’s longstanding experience in serving and supporting clients to ensure they can harvest their milk in the best possible way for their dairy farm. This wide-ranging experience can be applied to all farm types, whether it is a small family farm or a huge industrial farm, and everything in between.

Milking from behind

BouMatic has pioneered a system that attaches the milking equipment from between the cow's back legs, creating a milking experience that is similar to that of a side by side parlor. This system uses an entirely cow-focused approach to automated milking and provides direct benefits when it comes to milking, animal welfare and protecting the system. In the Gemini you cows are relaxed, comfortable and free from the visual distraction of arm movement. This encourages her to milk often and fast. This keeps the cow in her normal routine as it feels natural, as opposed to an approach from the side.

From a safe and convenient position, the farmer can manually milk or treat cows as needed. The robust stainless steel system and the rear-milking approach minimize the cow’s ability to kick or step forcefully on vital machine components.

Optimal udder preparation, cow focus

Before milking, each teat is individually prepared for milking using a separate liner in a dedicated pre-treatment cup. The entire pre-milking process is optimally sequenced for teat cleaning, teat-stimulation, pre-milking and maximum oxytocin production for optimal milk let-down. When preparation is complete, the milking cups are attached, and milking begins. The whole preparation process lasts 60 to 90 seconds, which is also the time a cow needs to have a good oxytocin release and a good milk let-down.

Through the open frame of the Gemini BouMatic Milking robot, the cow has an unobstructed view and therefore feels like she is still among the herd. This experience is even more enhanced in a double box system where cows stand freely but are still next to each other while milking in the Gemini box.

Individual quarter measurement

The milk from each individual teat is screened and analysed, and these data are directly displayed on all the farmer’s mobile device, providing him with useful insights on milk quality and cow health. This enhanced communication leads to both better follow up and herd health management overall.

Built on BouMatic experience

The robot benefits from integrated, proven BouMatic technology and equipment,

BouMatic is built on optimizing the best practices of vacuum, pulsation and utilizing technology with the very best practices in milking. Every robot is built on BouMatic’s longstanding experience in serving and supporting customers to ensure they can harvest their milk in the best possible manner for their dairy farm. This wide range of experience can be applied to all farm types, whether it is a small farm or a large industrial farm, and everything in between.

"Since we have the robot, the work has become really flexible in fact because it’s much faster. We’ve gone from milking twice a day to 2.8, even 3 times. And we’re not only producing more milk but better quality milk, and we have a lot less cells"

Alexandre, GAEC Le Rocher

Let's perform !

Milking 2 Cows, Side by Side in 1 Box


Double up your performance

The Gemini double box robot is a compact milking robot equipped with two stalls, side-by-side. It has one robot arm that milks two cows simultaneously between the rear legs — gently, quickly and completely. Milking 2 cows with one arm, increases profitability and offers a faster return on investment. The double box also has a very important social aspect: since one cow will attract another into the box, the cows are motivated to enter the robot at the same time. Moreover, when two cows can stand next to one another and look out on the cowshed via the open frame, they feel as if they are still with the herd.

Optimal routing, cow flow

At BouMatic, we understand how important cow traffic routes are in the cowshed layout. Simple, open routes ensure smooth cow traffic, with cows that are calm. This improves milk production. A calm cow has less adrenaline, a greater supply of oxytocin and will produce more milk. Since the Gemini milking robot stimulates smooth cow traffic, it will also help stimulate higher milk production. This, in combination with the layout of the cowshed is important for the cow’s comfort and well-being, improving her productivity and milk quality.

Grow with your herd

BouMatic offers a solution for every farm type and management style, regardless of herd size. Farmers with expansion plans can easily combine single and double box solutions in the same barn, customized to their individual farm needs for both now and the future.

Convenient and Adaptable


Retrofit-friendly: Integrate into almost any stall configuration

Since there are very few remodeling requirements, the Gemini milking robot is ideally suited to fit into almost any stall configuration or to update older cowsheds with the latest in milking technology. There are several cowshed layouts to choose from that offer the best situation for optimal cow flow, integrating the herd into milking in a robot operation with a clear routine of milking, eating and resting. This cost effective advantage by adapting to existing facilities reduces building costs considerably. Our team of specialists is available for advice.

Integrated technical room, self-contained unit

The milking robot's operating area is completely closed off from open air and requires a fresh air ventilation system. This design allows the milking robot to conform to specifications and regulations set by both government and dairy processors. All components are easily accessible in the clear and spacious layout of the technical area. The system is hygienic, advanced and can easily be accessed and controlled remotely by the farmer or service technicians using a computer, smartphone and/or tablet (such as an iPad).

Since the BouMatic Gemini milking robot needs very little room in the cowshed with its minimized footprint and unique positioning of the technical area, the traffic paths of the dairy farmer and the cows will not cross. This also improves cow flow in general.

Plug & Play : quick and easy installation

Our milking robots are self-contained units, allowing for quick and easy installation. Few building alterations are required. Whether the cowshed is old or new, the milking robots can be strategically placed within the existing facility for optimum ideal cow flow. The farm or dealership will need to provide milk piping, electricity, air, water and an Internet connection. Each Gemini system is thoroughly tested before leaving the BouMatic factory so once installed at the dairy, the milking robot can be fully operational within a few hours.

"After my technical training at Triesdorf University it was clear that we needed to build a new barn and we wanted it to be state-of-the-art. Thanks to our dealer we knew we had to choose BouMatic"

Tobias Kern, Germany

Empower your dairy work flow with Gemini Robot Technology


  • The BouMatic Gemini milking robots are equipped with a unique dual attachment functionality; an intelligently designed mechanical head that allows the robot arm to fetch two cups at once resulting in efficient arm movement. By reducing the arm movement, the dual attach head increases the cow throughput and maximizes box performance.


  • The software technology in the BouMatic Gemini system is extremely user-friendly. There is a wealth of information and functions available at the farmers's disposal to make effective herd management decisions. The robot’s software and the brain behind the user interface is known as the BRI (BouMatic Robotic Interface). This software allows for quick and effective troubleshooting.
  • The user has multiple ways to access and manage information: smartphone, tablet, desktop computer as well as at the robot itself via a multi-functional touchscreen. All the important information the user needs can be accessed via this large, robust touchscreen which is installed on the robot. Both the PC and the touchscreen are equipped with powerful processors to automate functions and access key data. Even more importantly, these systems are easily accessible and very user-friendly.


  • The camera’s time-of-flight technology can determine the exact position of the individual teats. This new technology has given our milking robots superior attachment results. As it approaches, it conducts a 3D analysis of the teats, identifying the location more accurately. The waterproof stainless-steel 3D camera has a flat surface for easy cleaning.


  • One of our favorite functions to use in the Gemini interface is the Teat Teach Screen. The camera brings up the image of the udder onto the screen. The operator can simply touch the teat ends on the image to ‘teach’ the camera teat location for that particular cow. This can be done for cows that have difficult teat placement. The robot will then remember the location of her teats for when that cow enters the box again, and make the attachment process much more efficient.


  • The BouMatic Gemini milking unit is easily upgradable via equipment and software. Since technological evolution in robot milking has sped up exponentially, you as a forward-thinking dairy farmer can easily follow up on the latest innovations in your existing robot. This is not the norm in the industry and is quite an advantage for the Gemini.


  • BouMatic’s Gemini robot is easy to operate. With our user-friendly design, the training needed to operate a Gemini in very easy to grasp, saving a great deal of training time. This allows the farmer the flexibility to spend more time on other activities on the farm, or time with family!


  • A new option in select markets for the Gemini milking robots is our SC-Guard, the milk monitoring instrument for Somatic Cell Count (SCC), which allows the farmer to monitor his cow’s health and treat when necessary. The instrument automatically takes a milk sample during milking, which is analysed for sub-clinical mastitis based on the SCC in the earliest stages. This highly accurate device, allows the farmer to intervene quickly if necessary and monitor the trend and variation in the SCC. Early detection of sub-clinical mastitis followed by appropriate treatment reduces the risk of contamination and reduces the use and investment in antibiotics. With SC Guard, chances of recovery are increased, loss of milk yield is reduced and both animal health and cost savings are gained.


  • With BouMatic RealTime Activity, you have a powerful device at hand to locate and monitor your cows in real time.
  • With the eating time and rumination functionality, the dairy farmer is able to give his cows the individual attention they deserve. The BouMatic neck tag provides extremely accurate heat detection with health monitoring. The dairy farmer is able to have individual data on each animal at any time — in real time. These details are needed to achieve optimal overall herd performance.
  • Coupled with the BouMatic HerdMetrix™ phone app, the data are accessible anywhere so that the farm manager has a constant stream of data. He will be able to catch cows with health problems sooner and treat them accordingly. Moreover, the increasingly accurate insemination rates will quickly offer a return on investment.
  • BouMatic RealTime is fully customizable for a range of alerts and sensitivities. It also allows the alert settings to be customized so the information is sent to whomever needs it the most.

Dimensions of Double Gemini Box

Length: 19.36 ft (5.9m)

Width: 7.22 ft (2.8m)

Height: 7.87 ft (2.4m)

Weight: 8818 lbs (4000kg)

Flexible and Smart selection

WHEREVER YOU WANT YOUR COWS TO GO, the BouMatic selection engine offers endless possibilities which are both physical and cow data driven. You can design numerous selection gates and various data criteria such as time, calendar, alarms, general cow information, etc.


Smooth and easy cow flow

The integration of the selection options means that there is no need for extra fencing and gates. The milking robot is equipped with inputs and outputs on both sides, allowing cow selection to take place in the milking station.

3-way-selection option: grazing compatible

The BouMatic Gemini milking robot offers great possibilities to farms that wish to stimulate pasturing. Thanks to its integrated selection system, no extra fencing or selection gates are needed and the cows keep an open view. For dairy farms that have their robot installed further away from the gate to the grazing paddock, we offer the possibility to install an extra selection gate.

BouMatic RealTime Activity + Heat Detection with Health Monitoring

The BouMatic RealTime activity, health and rumination monitoring feature is also available for pasture-based dairy farms. It can cover large distances thanks to the (optional) auxiliary radio, which transmits data wirelessly to the main antenna radio, making all the advantages of health monitoring available to pasture-based farms.

> BouMatic RealTime Activity

"We have been very pleasantly surprised with how well the new camera system has worked with some of the cows that have some failed attaches before. And our failed attaches and manuals have gone down dramatically, I’d say probably about 60 or 70%."

Devon Toop, Chilliwack, Canada

Empower your dairy with dairy specialists from BouMatic

Our well-trained dealer network is your first point of contact. They are always available 24/7 to check in on your system and to help where needed.

  • We guide you from A to Z

Whenever you start up a BouMatic robotic milking system on your farm, the BouMatic specialists will always guide you to set it up right. We provide assistance with many aspects to smoothly integrate the robot into the farm. From conception and launch to your day-to-day operation, you can count on us to support you at every step and help you to milk your cows with peace of mind.

  • Custom leasing

If you are looking for flexible financing options, there are leasing options available from BouMatic specialists.

Time is precious and the Gemini milking robot can help you make the most of it

Needless to say, dairy farming in general is labor intensive. All over the world, the job of dairy farmer is reserved for passionate people with a love for quality food and animals.

However, in a rapidly changing society, you might find yourself wanting to focus on something else and no longer be bound to fixed milking times. The BouMatic Gemini robot allows you to choose the most efficient way of managing your time in both your professional and personal life.

Stay connected

The BouMatic robotic milking system is easy to operate and user-friendly, allowing you to decide how you spend your day and where you want to spend your time. The userfriendly Gemini robot allows for rapid on-boarding for people new to Gemini, saving the farm valuable time for other activities.

Since each step of the milking process is continuously monitored via sensors and measurement devices, you can always stay connected to your system and view all important data via your smartphone or tablet.

Improved labor management

The Gemini milking robot solves the costly labor problem that arises from a lack of reliable labor resources. Labor productivity in general will go up and will become easier to manage. Additionally, the dairy operator’s physical strain is reduced since he is less exposed to repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. In the long term this has a strong influence on the farmer's general physical and mental health.