Cow Signals training

Valentin LE MARQUAND, a consulting engineer specialized in bovine milk production and member of the BTPL (Technical department for dairy promotion), spoke in November 2017 at a BouMatic seminar dedicated to BouMatic Sani-Star specialists. In France, in particular, dozens of hygiene and milking experts have been schooled in these practices and can make concrete recommendations to dairy farmers to this effect.

A very informative training, easily applicable by everyone and truly geared towards dairy farmers to help them improve the health of their dairy herd. Dear dairy farmers, you may also access these recommendations via the link below.

About the Technical department for dairy promotion

The Technical department for dairy promotion (BTPL) was created in 1972 at the initiative of dairy cooperatives in Western France. This agricultural advisory and training agency specializes in supporting dairy industry stakeholders (cattle and goat farmers, dairy companies and cooperatives, professional agricultural organizations, etc.) and is organized in the Union of Cooperatives.

With its 18 engineers, consultants and experts working in a network throughout France, its goal is to promote and help set up modern dairy facilities and train dairy farmers and advisors.

How to recognize, observe and interpret Cow Signals